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Make a Mark is a campaign which strives to educate tweens between the ages of 9-14 about body image and self-esteem and help mothers build positive relationships with their daughters.

We are a team of women who strive to instill positive values of self-worth in the girls of today, the women of tomorrow. We are dedicated to inspire all girls to believe in the power of just being yourself. It is important to take a positive approach to how we look and feel because we are in our bodies for life, but the media's mixed messages constantly causes us to question the perception of our own appearance, making it especially difficult for girls to make a smooth transition into adulthood. It wasn’t long ago that we were young girls dealing with the same insecurities, fears, and negative thinking.

Guided by the aspirations of our own experiences, we’re pursuing this movement with both eagerness and compassion because girls deserve nothing less. Make a Mark will educate girls how to build their self-confidence, and more importantly, how to become strong women. Girls come in all shapes, sizes different backgrounds, and upbringings. Our purpose is to bring them together in safe and fun environment in which they can begin the process of self-discovery.

A large part of the campaign focuses on the mother-daughter relationship. We place special focus on working with growing girls and their mothers, who we believe are the strongest role models and one of the many factors that can help inspire girls to build confidence. We encourage mothers to become aware of their influence as a role model and guide their daughters to develop the best potential for self-sufficiency.

We encourage girls to dream big and live large - to carve their own path to success, no matter where they came from and what they want to achieve.

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